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Shoguns: dont post a name if you dont know who she is her name is Fuyue Kotone she also has a few movies with Nagase Yui as sisters

Jgcandy: Thx for taking the time to advise on the name ... Still correct about the age tho :)

Divel Boy: And hey sorry about that that other message was for another person LOL anyways she's not a fucking teenager I know people like to say 16 24is the exact same in your teenagers but women mature differently than men does girls like in her 20s she's like 23 she was born in 97 in this message is to the guy who said well he got the age right he said a teenager this girls in here freaking 20s I looked her up earlier

Jgcandy: Its kl man ... u wouldn't believe the amount of crap Ive had from other users + xvids about this b4 .. All while the "Medical Fetishes" channel has vids that simulate killing women & shaggin them .. Necro in other words :grimacing: ... But kinky fantasies that simulate the young women scenario pisses off the ignorant more :confused:

Gaz4949: Its disgusting how this culture abuse young vulnerable schoolgirls.

Deikersitox0: the problem is not what it is, but what it tries to represent and the group of society that this movie seeks to satisfy

Mikapiruleta: Now look for the rape rate in japan and compare it with other countrys that doesn't have this type of porn as common

Coronayona: Morality in a porn site. Now I've seen everything :joy:

Notax187: Valid point raised by both gentlemen. Correlation does not always equal causation however the link between such material and its human impact can be investigated further.

Oaktownking87: Hello... did you watch the whole thing? She ended up liking the dick.

Supre789: What her name????

Divel Boy: LOL what the hell are you talkin about Bonnabel school girls this girl is like fucking 23 years old I looked her up she's like a grown ass woman almost 25 she was born in 97 in girls mature way faster than men it's just a concept what the last guy was talking about how older men in Japan mainly obsessed with school girls is the same as in America since a lot of weeaboos like the culture. This girl isn't even a teenager anymore she's in her twenties and when and when this video made she still was

Divel Boy: It's just the fact is I love how people complain about everything I can understand if the girls a little kid being abused by older people but it's like you still want to complain or people still want to bitch and moan and the girls over the age of 18 she's over the age of Twenty She's like 22 or 23 when this came out. Is this is a current video of her if not I'm pretty sure she was 20 at least

Jgcandy: Even tho im white, I find this a little racist .... " Some" people of any culture abuse young vulnerable schoolgirls :neutral_face: Blame humankind - not a specific culture

Jeremiahjoueur: It’s comments like this that keep it taboo and make it even hotter for the rest of us just trying to get a nut. BLAM! Thanks!

Boldnsticky: You sick fucks. This is rape....

Jgcandy: See my photos & welcome to the club :rolling_eyes:

Divel Boy: Dog who cares you act like the girl is underage minor she's a grown ass woman. You act like she's a little girl being forced to do this she might Proclaim to be an underage girl cuz that's how they get down in Japan is their culture a lot of them are obsessed with school girls put this girl in reality was freaking born in 97 when is video was taken she had to be like fucking 20 or 21 or 19 get over yourself and on top of that women mature way faster than men so she's a full grown ass woman

Tianxiegem: i wanna rape u

Madarafq: This is a new definition to "fucking a face".

Fangxinxia: great video!!!

Brox6: El Jav Code is PIYO-052 :wink:

Lickherthere69: She looks like Ayu Makihara

Teadar: tell me her name plz

Skulllover4Life: Damn, the girl at 6o mins in this video made me bust one hell of a good nutt. I'm on Cloud 9

Mikkkiiiii: Yessss yesssssssssssss .... ............mmmmmmmmm...

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